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About Us

Managing level: 
Huaheng Zhongtian actively applies the keep-improving advanced management method, injecting investment capital to ERP, collecting and sharing all kind of data of the enterprise, operation procedures, work automation, manage systematically and with digital procedures . The ERP promotes the advanced managing level and competition capacity of Huasheng. Huasheng Zhongtian is recognized not only as the demonstrating enterprise of advanced management but also the sample of successfully applying ERP to national machinery industry.

Future Tactic:
Under the correct heading, Huasheng people create great achievements, establishing a world-famous brand as a century-vigorous enterprise, accomplishing the top brand inChina, and keeps the NO.1 position inChinafor small-size gasoline engine, garden machinery, plant-protection machinery and small-size construction machinery. In our 12th 5-year plan we will enlarge the technical innovation, emphasize Hi-tech production and produce a high-efficiency product. In 2014, we will be list inChinaor Hongkong; under the tenet of consumers more satisfied, employees more felicitous, homeland more prosperous we will try to build Huasheng Zhongtian into a large influential and modernized world company .

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