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CT220-7A CT220-7A CT220-7A


Engine Travel System
Model CUMMINS-6BTA5.9-C150 Travel motors EATON, USA;
Type Direct injection, water cooled,    turbocharged Support roller quantities 2×8
Carrier roller quantities 2×2
No. of cylinder 6 Travel shoes 2X47
Bore and stroke 102X120(mm) Travel speed 3.3/5.0(km/h)
Displacement 5.9L Drawbar pulling force 133.5kN
Power output 112kw/1950rpm Gradeability 70%(350)
Max. torque 614N.m/1500rpm Ground clearance 465mm
Hydraulic System Cab & Electrical System
Pump KPM, Korea Cab Cab installed with silicon oil rubber, adjustable luxurious seat, cold and warm air-conditioning system plus flexible pilot control system
Type axial piston pump
Max. discharge flow 2X228(L/min)
Max. discharge pressure
Boom,arm and bucket 31.4/34.3 MPa Voltage 24V
Travel circuit 34.3 MPa Batteries 2X24V
Swing circuit 27.5 MPa Battery capacity 240Ah
Control circuit 3.9 MPa Boom, Arm & Bucket
Pilot control pump Gear type Boom cylinder Ф120xФ85xS1335-L1870
Main control valves Parker, Korea Arm cylinder Ф135xФ95xS1490-L2075
Oil cooler Air cooled type Bucket cylinder Ф115xФ80xS1120- L1680
Swing System Refilling Capacity & lubrication
Swing motor SUNJIN, Korea Fuel tank 410 L
Swing motor type Axial-piston    motor  Cooling system 26 L
Brake Hydraulic oil    released Engine oil 22 L
Parking brake Hydraulic disc    brake Hydraulic oil tank 195L Tank Oil Level
Swing speed 11.2 r/min 295 L Hydraulic System
Type Backhoe bucket
Bucket capacity 1.0 m3(SAE)
Bucket capacity scope 0.92-1.00m3
Number of bucket teeth 5
Bucket width 1270 mm


Working Ranges  

Boom length 5700mm
A Max.digging radius 9982mm
B Max.digging depth 6622mm
C Max.digging height 9970mm
D Max.dumping height 7000mm
E Min swing radius 3203mm
F Max. vertical wall digging depth 5900mm
G Max. digging reach at ground level 9975mm
Digging Force(ISO6015)
Arm length 2925mm
A Bucket digging force 139KN
B Arm digging force 110KN
Overall Dimensions
A Track grounding length 3480mm I Track shoe width 600mm
B Track length 4174mm J Overall width 2810mm
C Counter weight ground clearance 1075mm K Overall length 9650mm
D Tail swing radius 2850mm L Overall height(to top of boom) 2780mm
E Overall height(to top of cab) 3007mm M Track height 810mm
F Revolving frame width 2736mm O Ground contact length 4780mm
G Min Ground clearance 465mm P Track shoe thickness 10mm
H Track gauge 2210mm Q Distance from swing center to tail 2850mm

Operating Weight and Ground Pressure
Operating weight includes basic machine;
Operating weight 22100Kg
Ground pressure 47.1 KPa

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