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CT06 mini excavator is more compact and  flexible, powerful and reliable. It is widely used in vegetable greenhouses, orchards, nurseries, landscaping, interior decoration and other agricultural, municipal construction and other fields.

■Adopt engine which meet China NationⅢ or Euro V emission standard,or the gasoline engine that meets the EPA3 emission standards,strong power,stable performance,smooth movement and small vibration;

■External hydraulic oil return filter makes maintenance more convenient;

■Mechanical control handle,simple structure,more reliable performance;

■It can be equipped with rotary drill, crushing hammer, scarifier, ditch digging bucket, sieve bucket, loading    bucket, grab and other accessories, with higher added value.



Operating Weight:0.7T

Bucket Capacity:0.016m3

Rated Power:7.0/3000kW/rpm

Travel Speed:1.3km/h

Swing Speed :13rpm

Max. Gradeability:35%/18°

Ground Pressure:26kPa

Bucket Digging Force:8.4kN

Arm Digging Force:5.2kN



Verall Length:2725mm

Overall Width:730mm

Overall Height (to top of boom):945mm

Overall Height (to top of driving shed):1280mm

Track Shoe Width:150mm

Track Gauge:580mm

Min. Ground Clearance:92mm

Tail Swing Radius:758mm

Track Grounding Length:875mm

Track Length:1150mm

Working Range

Max. Digging Height:2512mm

Max. Dumping Height:1613mm

Max. Digging Depth:1000mm

Max. Digging Reach:2900mm

Min.swing radius:1570mm

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