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CT195 adopts the original imported Japan ISUZU engine. This engine is powfull and sturdy and durable structure with low fuel consumption, which can meet all application requirements. Combining with sturdy and durable components and precision manufacturing processes, has higher reliability and efficiency.

■Original imported low-speed high-torque Isuzu engine which is Carter special use, in line with the China Nation III emission standards, adopts well-tuned EMS engine management technology to achieve a balance of fuel consumption and efficiency, strong power, economic and environmental protection.

■Double pump constant power negative flow hydraulic system, automatic sensor control, with regeneration, priority and other functions, more flexible response and strong digging ability.

■The X-shaped lower frame and the reinforced upper frame with a widened chassis make the machine more stable and easily adapt to various working conditions.

■By raising the D-shaped side beam, all supporting structures of the platform are correspondingly heightened, the overall strength and rigidity are improved, and the service life is greatly improved.

■Adopt parallel radiators to ensure that each radiator has a larger heat dissipation area, meet the heat dissipation requirements under high temperature operation, and work more stable;

■The whole machine meets the requirements of CE certification and adopts the cab meeting the requirements of TOPS and FOPS certification, which is spacious, sealed, good sound insulation effect and safer operation; Silicone rubber damper is adopted to reduce vibration and impact;

■Equipped with high-end shock-absorbing seats and automatic air conditioning with air filtration function, providing a comfortable driving environment and meeting ROPS certification;

■Equipped with CTECS electronic control system of Carter Heavy Industries' proprietary technology, the whole machine has multiple working modes to adapt to different working conditions, energy saving and high efficiency.



Operating Weight:20.5T

Bucket Capacity:0.8m3

Rated Power:120/2000kW/rpm

Travel Speed:3.3/5.2km/h

Swing Speed :10.5rpm

Max. Gradeability:70%/35°

Ground Pressure:48.5kPa

Bucket Digging Force:145kN

Arm Digging Force:113kN



Verall Length:9805mm

Overall Width:2810mm

Overall Height (to top of boom):3225mm

Overall Height (to top of cab):3007mm

Track Shoe Width:600mm

Track Gauge:2210mm

Min. Ground Clearance:465mm

Tail Swing Radius:2910mm

Track Grounding Length:3280mm

Track Length:4076mm

Working Range

Max. Digging Height:9510mm

Max. Dumping Height:6690mm

Max. Digging Depth:6120mm

Max. Digging Reach:9470mm

Min.swing radius:3350mm

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