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Utilizing CARTER's advanced design concepts and manufacturing technology, we are dedicated to the development of upgraded products suitable for a variety of harsh conditions. This product adopts high-end configuration, global procurement, and elaborate manufacturing, which fully guarantees the high reliability and high return rate of the product.

■The original imported Carter special low-speed high-torque Isuzu engine , in line with the country's III emission standards.Adopts carefully tuned ISUZU engine management technology, with strong power, economical and environmental protection, and high reliability;

■Double pump constant power negative flow system, automatic sensor control, with functions such as regeneration and priority, more flexible response and strong mining ability;

■Equipped with heavy-duty boom and mine-type stick, with special large-flow breaker pipe, it can adapt to harsh mine working conditions and has high working efficiency;

■The X-shaped lower frame and the reinforced upper frame with a widened chassis make the machine more stable and easily adapt to various working conditions.

■The whole machine meets the requirements of CE certification; The cab is spacious with good sealing and sound insulation effect, meeting the certification requirements of TOPS, FOPS and ROPS; Equipped with high-grade damping seats and automatic air conditioning with two-stage air filtration;

■Equipped with CTECS electronic control system of Carter Heavy Industries proprietary technology, energy saving and high efficiency;

■With self-checking, monitoring, emergency fault alarm, GPS positioning and remote monitoring functions, it has good human-computer interaction and easy operation and maintenance.



Operating Weight:35.5T

Bucket Capacity:16m3

Rated Power:212/2000kW/rpm

Travel Speed:3.1/4.8km/h

Swing Speed :10rpm

Max. Gradeability:70%/35°

Ground Pressure:65.3kPa

Bucket Digging Force:191kN

Arm Digging Force:175kN



Verall Length:1195mm

Overall Width:3190mm

Overall Height (to top of boom):3230mm

Overall Height (to top of cab):3125mm

Track Shoe Width:600mm

Track Gauge:2590mm

Min. Ground Clearance:500mm

Tail Swing Radius:3565mm

Track Grounding Length:4050mm

Track Length:4940mm

Working Range

Max. Digging Height:10090mm

Max. Dumping Height:7395mm

Max. Digging Depth:7290mm

Max. Digging Reach:11025mm

Min.swing radius:4335mm

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