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Utilizing CARTER's advanced design concepts and manufacturing technology, we are dedicated to the development of upgraded products suitable for a variety of harsh conditions. This product adopts high-end configuration, global procurement, and elaborate manufacturing, which fully guarantees the high reliability and high return rate of the product.

■The original imported Carter special low-speed high-torque Isuzu engine , in line with the country's III emission standards.Adopts carefully tuned ISUZU engine management technology, with strong power, economical and environmental protection, and high reliability;

■It is equipped with KPM hydraulic pump and rotary motor, KYB multi-way valve and traveling motor imported from Japan. It is professionally designed with reinforced traveling device to meet the requirements of mine working conditions, with reliable and stable performance. The full hydraulic pilot control system is flexible and reliable;

■Equipped with heavy-duty boom and mine-type stick, with special large-flow breaker pipe, it can adapt to harsh mine working conditions and has high working efficiency;

■The X-shaped lower frame and the reinforced upper frame with a widened chassis make the machine more stable and easily adapt to various working conditions.

■The whole machine meets the requirements of CE certification; The cab is spacious, with good sealing and sound insulation effect. It is equipped with high-grade damping seats and automatic air conditioning with two-stage air filtration, which meets the certification requirements of TOPS, FOPS and ROPS;

■Equipped with CTECS electronic control system of Carter Heavy Industries proprietary technology, energy saving and high efficiency;

■With self-checking, monitoring, emergency fault alarm, GPS positioning and remote monitoring functions, it has good human-computer interaction and easy operation and maintenance;

■The standard oil bath air filter has a filtering effect of more than 95% on particles and dust; it is more suitable for the harsh dust working conditions in mines.



Operating Weight:36T

Bucket Capacity:1.8m3

Rated Power:212/2000kW/rpm

Travel Speed:3.1/4.8km/h

Swing Speed :10rpm

Max. Gradeability:70%/35°

Ground Pressure:65.3kPa

Bucket Digging Force:246kN

Arm Digging Force:200kN



Verall Length:11386mm

Overall Width:3190mm

Overall Height (to top of boom):3410mm

Overall Height (to top of cab):3125mm

Track Shoe Width:600mm

Track Gauge:2590mm

Min. Ground Clearance:500mm

Tail Swing Radius:3565mm

Track Grounding Length:4150mm

Track Length:5080mm

Working Range

Max. Digging Height:10020mm

Max. Dumping Height:7010mm

Max. Digging Depth:6915mm

Max. Digging Reach:10715mm

Min.swing radius:4465mm

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