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CT26 and CT27 mini excavators of Carter heavy industry are energy-saving, reliable and comfortable, with flexible operation and low noise. They are widely used in building demolition, gardens, farmland water conservancy, municipal and urban construction.

Efficient Reliable

■Equipped with Japanese YANMAR engine, it meets the emission standards of Euro V and epa4, and the machine is more environmentally friendly and reliable;

■Adopt the well-known brand hydraulic system and match the hydraulic components specially provided by Carter heavy industry. It has the advantages of fast response, low energy consumption, higher control accuracy and more stable system performance.

High Matching:

■Multiple pipelines can be selected to meet the requirements of diversified accessories, and the added value of the whole machine is higher;

■Two electric proportional flow auxiliary pipelines can be selected, and fast pipelines can be equipped to realize the rapid switching of the machine.

Convenient Flexible:

■It adopts tailless design and is equipped with deflectable working device, which is suitable for construction in various limited spaces such as wall roots, edges and corners;

■The rear hood and side hood are designed to be open, and the daily maintenance can be carried out after opening the hood, which is convenient and fast.

Safe Comfortable:

■The excavator meets the requirements of CE certification. The cab and shed are designed for anti overturning and anti falling objects. It has obtained the certification requirements of TOPS and FOPS, with higher safety;

■The cab model is equipped with air heater, which better improves the working comfort in winter.



Operating Weight:2.74T

Bucket Capacity:0.08m3

Rated Power:15.2/2500kW/rpm

Travel Speed:2.0/3.2km/h

Swing Speed :10rpm

Max. Gradeability:58%/30°

Ground Pressure:30.5kPa

Bucket Digging Force:20kN

Arm Digging Force:14.2kN



Overall Length:4159mm

Overall Width:1550mm

Overall Height (to top of boom):1636mm

Overall Height (to top of cab):2560mm

Track Shoe Width:250mm

Track Gauge:1250mm

Min. Ground Clearance:320mm

Tail Swing Radius:775mm

Track Grounding Length:1600mm

Track Length:2040mm

Working Range

Max. Digging Height:4132mm

Max. Dumping Height:2742mm

Max. Digging Depth:2485mm

Max. Digging Reach:4610mm

Min.swing radius:2096mm

Deflection angle (left/right):47°/74°

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