Jointly Fighting the Epidemic: The Company Completes All Personnel Nucleic Acid Testing Work

According to the requirements of the Development Zone Management Committee on current epidemic prevention and control work, fully ensuring the life, health, and safety of employees, the company's safety committee team carefully arranged and deployed free nucleic acid testing for all employees, and completed the first round of nucleic acid testing on the morning of March 18th.
According to a group of 10 people, a dedicated person will guide and lead the team, and do a good job in personnel diversion, guidance, and sampling. The entire site will be in good order, and the nucleic acid testing tasks for employees will be successfully completed.
In recent days, the company has organized relevant personnel to disinfect the office space, production equipment and premises, express delivery, etc. no less than 1-2 times a day. They have immediately measured the temperature, verified the code, and prompted external personnel to wear masks. They have continued to carry out dual code verification and information registration for external personnel.

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