Tongxin Anti epidemic | Carter Company Ensures Stable and Smooth Production with Effective Epidemic Prevention and Control

Recently, some areas in Linyi have entered static management due to the epidemic. This sudden and widespread outbreak is also a practical test for the company to maintain normal operations in emergency situations. The company coordinates and arranges work related to epidemic prevention and control, production and sales technology, and employees unite and work together, demonstrating a highly proactive and dedicated spirit and team spirit, Ensure uninterrupted work during the epidemic.
The comprehensive department of the company coordinates with the government's epidemic prevention and control department, promptly understands and strictly implements relevant epidemic prevention requirements, completes the statistics and reporting of the list of employees in areas outside the county within the company, and monitors and supervises the nucleic acid testing situation of all employees on a daily basis through the government's "nucleic acid testing grid management system"; Strict workplace personnel management, health code, travel code verification, and other work. To avoid delaying sales and departure, we actively coordinate with epidemic prevention and control departments, issue logistics passes and other procedures, and ensure that our products are smoothly shipped out of the city to trade ports.
Epidemic prevention is not relaxed, production is not stopped, and in the face of major battles and exams, colleagues from Linyi and Hedong regions bring their own bedding and stay at the company for more than ten consecutive days, fully ensuring the smooth and orderly operation of production.
The director of the technical center, Wang Xinchun, mobilized the technicians living in Linyi in advance to prepare for lockdown and set an example by living and eating in the company for 17 days. During the static period, no one in the technical center took leave. In the most severe days of the epidemic, in order to avoid being confined at home, all technical personnel were fed and housed in the company, ensuring the orderly development of new products and production orders.
Procurement Minister Liang Meng has been at his position in the company for more than 20 days. Due to the poor logistics and transportation of multiple suppliers due to the epidemic, it is difficult for parts to arrive. Liang led the procurement manager to establish a dedicated communication group, implement raw material inventory and production plans, and ensure the production of purchased parts for the company; Even if the epidemic prevents travel and face-to-face price negotiations, the procurement department has been actively communicating online for the past month on cost reduction negotiations for small new product models. After more than a month of effort, the cost reduction target has been achieved.
In the case of the county community being sealed off, many frontline production employees and logistics personnel also voluntarily stayed at the company for 3-5 days, sleeping in the workshop or some offices to move a bed and squeeze in, and still worked with sufficient energy the next day. The entire production system works overtime, and all logistics departments actively work overtime based on the progress of the work, ensuring that the product production tasks are completed on time.
While promoting various work in an orderly manner, the company actively summarizes the experience of responding to this round of epidemic, reserves epidemic prevention and living materials, and strives to consolidate the achievements of "zero infection" and "zero suspicion" epidemic prevention and control, ensuring that production and operation are not interrupted, product quality is not reduced, and logistics supply is guaranteed during the epidemic.

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