Carter Heavy Industry ushers in the peak production season - united efforts to reach the peak again

In March of Yangchun, the Carter people in Shandong are filled with the spirit and vitality of unity, hard work, and fighting in the peak season of production. Entering the production site, a bustling scene caught our eyes. The neatly planned production site was bustling and orderly, and we could see the busy figures and focused expressions of employees everywhere. They were vigorously and confidently sprinkling their efforts and sweat for the company's peak season production! In March, market sales continued to be booming, trade orders continued to break new records, and production reached new highs, facing challenges. One historical record after another was broken.
In order to do a good job in peak season production and win the battle against peak season production, the production system held a special meeting on peak season production. Each department conducted in-depth analysis and discussion from various aspects such as tooling, equipment, and personnel allocation to ensure high-quality and efficient completion of peak season production tasks. At the same time, the following work principles were adhered to: ① reduce rework and material waste, improve the one-time inspection pass rate and material utilization rate; ② Continuously monitor customer feedback issues in the market, and collaborate with relevant technical departments to promptly develop improvement plans; The improvement of team quality mainly involves internal control within the team, with each position operating strictly in accordance with the work instructions, and increasing the self mutual inspection management of each process in the team Actively encourage lean proposals and implement incentive measures to improve production efficiency through lean; ④ The technical and process departments should adjust their personnel allocation and division of labor in a timely manner, ensure the connection between the technical department and the production department, and provide good service for the production line.
The Carter people who unite as one believe that the work they are engaged in is a career that can be fought for for a lifetime. We have full confidence and ability to fight well in this year's peak season production battle.

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