Operating skills Application field of small excavator

On March 13th, five CT230-8A excavators from Carter Heavy Industries were systematically loaded by our frontline employees. The loading was completed at 11am and then departed to the trading port for export to South American countries. On one hand, the construction projects in various regions are booming, while on the other hand, the company is also increasing its production capacity to ensure sufficient product equipment and assist in the construction of projects with demand in the market.
The CT230-8A excavator is suitable for general operations (such as excavation and loading of ordinary soil such as sand and clay), heavy-duty operations (compaction and excavation of hard soil and clay mixed with stones, stripping, gravel loading, etc.), paired with Cummins engines, Kawasaki KPM hydraulic pumps, etc., with strong power, low fuel consumption, and convenient maintenance; Adopting a new generation electrical system, increasing engine speed sensing control, fully utilizing engine power, and improving product efficiency by 10%. New cab, TOPS/FOPS standard, large field of view, lower noise, and higher work safety.
The delivery of 5 medium to large excavators in this batch has greatly reduced the company's inventory backlog costs. In addition, this export mainly assists South American customers in large-scale mining engineering operations. With the company's brand reputation and excellent product quality, it has been recognized by customers. Through this sincere cooperation, there will be more cooperation opportunities in the future, and we will continue to provide high-quality products and satisfactory services to customers.

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