Strengthening Responsibility and Enhancing Performance Ability - Evaluation of Work Reporting for Middle level Cadres in Company Organizations

In order to further strengthen the construction of the company's middle-level cadre team, enhance the awareness of striving for excellence, and comprehensively, objectively, and impartially assess the professional quality and performance of middle-level cadres, on April 14th, in Conference Room 305, the company organized a job evaluation for all middle-level cadres.
According to the assessment work arrangement, the evaluation committee is composed of five senior management members of the company. Each middle-level cadre will report their work according to the order of drawing lots (with a time limit of 5 minutes), mainly self-evaluating and summarizing their work performance, performance ability, work innovation, and collaborative communication. At the same time, they will propose the next step of work ideas.
In this job evaluation, the evaluation committee conducted a serious evaluation of middle-level cadres based on the principles of "objectivity, fairness, democracy, and openness", from the perspectives of "morality, ability, diligence, and performance". The reporting personnel had a serious attitude, sufficient preparation, clear hierarchy, tight schedule, and standardized form.
Middle level cadre assessment is an important measure to strengthen the construction of the cadre team, an effective means of objectively and fairly evaluating cadres, a key link in strengthening cadre management, and an important form of stirring up the work style of the cadre team.

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