Carter Company Holds a Fun Activity of "Welcoming May Day and Celebrating May Fourth"

In order to commemorate May Day and further inherit and promote the May Fourth spirit of "patriotism, progress, democracy, and science", Carter Company carried out a series of themed activities to welcome May Day and celebrate May Fourth from April 27th to 29th, with the aim of promoting the spirit of love for labor and dedication, promoting and inheriting the spirit of the Hundred Year May Fourth Revolution, and enhancing the cohesion of the employee team. Fun group activities.
This event is rich in content and diverse in form, all of which can fully showcase youthful vitality and enhance team collaboration awareness.
Everyone actively participated, with high morale and positive progress, showcasing the good spirit of the employees' "striving for a new era and demonstrating new achievements". With the careful organization of the staff, the atmosphere of the competition was joyful and harmonious, and the competition process was exciting and colorful. The participating team members not only actively utilize their strengths and put in all their efforts to complete the competition, but also enjoy the process of the activity very much. No matter what the results are, as long as they do their best, they will be happy and happy. Rewards will be given to teams that have won the first, second, and third place in various projects after the competition.
This activity has allowed the majority of employees to relax both physically and mentally in the midst of intense work, further enhancing their awareness of unity and hard work, enhancing their team spirit and collaborative ability, and laying a solid foundation for creating a good working atmosphere of unity, progress, harmony, and stability.


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