Carter Heavy Industries products are selling well during the peak season, and employees are fighting to maintain orders under high temperatures

Since mid June, the sun has been scorching, the heat wave is rolling, and the temperature remains high. However, workshop employees are still fighting on the front line, focusing on the company's "20 day hard work, striving to ensure orders" activity, ensuring the task of more than 100 micro and small excavators such as the CT10 and CT16 series. These excavators are mainly exported to countries such as Europe, America, and Australia.
With the continuously rising temperature, the sales of the company's products are also increasing, and newly launched products are highly favored by agents and customers, with a continuous stream of orders. Faced with the continuous high temperature and exceptionally severe production tasks, all employees did not retreat. They took user needs as the highest instruction, met market requirements as the purpose, fully utilized the spirit of hard work and tenacious struggle, and made every effort to ensure the completion of product production tasks.
Throughout the product production process, from component processing and assembly to complete machine inspection, testing, and loading, each process is carried out in an orderly manner. The employees are sweating profusely but still focused on production operations. Their movements are not fatigued, no matter how hard they work or how tired they are, they still hold onto their positions in obscurity.
The production department follows the workshop to work overtime and make overall arrangements for production organization. The procurement and logistics departments ensure the supply of goods, online delivery, and other services. The technical and quality departments provide technical support and guidance during the production process, conduct quality inspections of parts and complete machines, and promptly solve various problems.
In order to ensure the physical health of frontline employees, company leaders attach great importance to implementing humanized management and caring for employee health. The comprehensive department does a good job of logistics support according to the company's requirements, prepares heatstroke prevention and cooling supplies for employees in hot weather, regularly distributes peak season benefits, creates a good working environment for frontline employees, and ensures the safety, stability, and normal production. The frontline employees of the company are not afraid of the scorching heat and have the courage to face difficulties. They breathe together with the company, synchronize with sales, and adapt to the market, enabling the company to continue and develop steadily. Under the high temperature, thank you to all the employees who are fighting on the front line. You have worked hard!


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