County CPPCC and its delegation visited enterprises to promote and implement policies that benefit enterprises

In the past year, facing the triple pressure of "demand contraction, supply shock, and weakening expectations", as well as the impact of multiple domestic epidemic outbreaks, the majority of entrepreneurs uphold the spirit of entrepreneurship in the new era, work hard, move forward under pressure, ensure employment and production, and help the industrial economy break through adversity. Entrepreneurs are the backbone and contribution of the city's economic and social development. In this critical and productive period of transformation and development, enterprises face many difficulties and challenges in their development. The county government and relevant regulatory departments carry out visits and discussions to assist enterprises, further strengthening contacts with various enterprises, enhancing communication and exchange, and better promoting the quality and efficiency of various work.
On September 20th, the Chairman of the County Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Senior Director of the Urban Management Bureau, and Director Yang of the Development Zone Management Committee visited the company to guide work. During the discussion, General Manager Li introduced the company's recent development situation, market operation strategy, and the impact of the epidemic on the company. The Chairman and his team fully affirmed the company's transformation and development strategy and practical spirit, and also inquired in detail about the company's relevant demands, And various support policies for enterprises in the county were promoted and implemented, encouraging the company to grasp the development trend and further strengthen and expand the enterprise.
The Chairman of the class stated that enterprises play an irreplaceable and important role in promoting economic and social development. The County Political Consultative Conference continues to pay attention to and support the development of enterprises, help coordinate and solve practical difficulties encountered in enterprise development, make unremitting efforts to optimize the development environment of enterprises, and work together with enterprises to promote the healthy and stable development of the industrial economy.

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